Frequently Asked Questions

Community Support
  • Are the Resilience Cayman initiatives just for Caymanians?

Resilience Cayman’s initiatives are for ALL residents of the Cayman Islands.


  • Who decides which individuals qualify for support and for how much?

A review committee staffed by experienced finance professionals will be going through all applications


  • Will support be provided to businesses or just individuals?

Our present focus is to address the challenges that individuals and families impacted by job loss are facing.

  • If I donate, who decides where the money is spent?

Resilience Cayman is a volunteer-run initiative. Thus, 100% of donations marked for Resilience Cayman initiative are distributed to the four programs in operation.

Partnerships & Sponsors
  • My organisation already provides similar support - how do we work together?

We are a collaborative initiative and intend to support other agencies by helping them expand their capabilities and deliver their programs more efficiently. Please contact us at info@resilience.ky to discuss how we can work together.

  • I would like to support a Program, who do I contact?

Please contact us at info@resilience.ky

  • Who will be providing financial coaching?

We are currently building a team of individuals who have experience in the financial sector and are volunteering their time.


  • How do I volunteer?

We welcome enthusiastic people who want to get involved in the community. Our volunteers come from all walks of life. To apply please visit https://www.resilience.ky/volunteer